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Issues with Quake2 3DFX OpenGL + Voodoo1 4mb/Win95

in Windows
I installed a Diamond Monster 3d 4mb nto a Socket 7 mobo not too long ago. It runs the Tomb Raider demo, Descent 2, and some other demos that came with the driver disc that I have on hand. That being said, Quake 2 does not seem to recognize my card and I'm not exactly sure why. I select 3DFX OpenGL …

Weird VOODOO 1 issue with DOOM 1.

in Windows
Recently got a voodoo 1 up and running on my pentium 133. So the scenario plays out like this. I fire up Descent 2, a 3dfx compatible game, the voodoo card *CLICKS*, my monitor turns off and on w/ the 3dfx logo popping up and Descent 2 running nicely. Play the game for a bit, exit out, decide to run …

Re: Tomb Raider + Quake 1 3dfx: How can I get them on my p133?

in Windows
I hadn't heard of any kind of PCI USB card. I got 1 free PCI slot that I could try to use, I just worry it might be a bit of a headache to get to work properly. I had a hell of a time just getting the voodoo card to properly recognize. I'll look into it though. Maybe that'd be the easiest route. …

Tomb Raider + Quake 1 3dfx: How can I get them on my p133?

in Windows
Hey all, I recently got a Diamond Monster 3D 4mb up and running in an old Pentium 133 machine and was super excited to take advantage of my card with Quake 1 and Tomb Raider. I know both look pretty great with this card in particular. Unfortunately I learned pretty quickly that these games don't run …

Diamond Monster 3D not detected in WIN95, help?

Hello all, I'm super new to the scene. Hoping to get some help. I recently bought an old Diamond Monster 3D 4MB Voodoo 1 card off ebay in hopes of getting it running on a retro build I've been working on for the last few months. As the title suggests, despite properly installing the card into an …

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