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Hey! I came here because I saw mention of theoldnet.com. I just released a new version of the HTTP Proxy. Have you tried it yet? It's great for an authentic experience versus using The Old Net's web portal. http://theoldnet.com/docs/httpproxy

Re: Sound Blaster Settings Keep Changing

Is it worth using the Creative drivers anymore? I have similar possibly the same model Vibra in my 486 I've been tinkering with over the past few months. Unisound works like magic, you just run a SET BLASTER with the settings you want and then execute Unisound and the PNP settings are configured on …

Re: Sound Blaster Settings Keep Changing

@ssshake Great research and finally a sufficiently detailed explanation. Since I am the one who suggested to run CTCM from AUTOEXEC, I must have contributed to the confusion. I think you are correct that CTCM, when run from AUTOEXEC will autoconfigure the card, based on some PnP configuration, …

Re: Sound Blaster Settings Keep Changing

Ah ok, if I have this right: (Autoexec.bat) SET CTCM=C:\CTCM SET SOUND=C:\SB16 C:\CTCM\CTCM SET BLASTER=A220 I7 D1 H1 P330 T6 SET MIDI=SYNTH:2 MAP:E Should set the variable and then run it Do not run c:\ctcm\ctcm in autoexec.bat I was doing this too and that is the problem. You do not want to run …

Re: Sound Blaster Settings Keep Changing

I finally figured it out! I had given up months ago. I couldn't find any help other than this thread which died off. This is totally because of a misunderstanding of when to use CTCM and when to use CTCU. The readme that comes with the software is not clear at all. The short answer is never run CTCM …

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