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Re: I just got a "rig" to play some old Win 3.1/95 and DOS stuff. But I am having a few problems with sound and DOS. (PI

First off, the Thinkpads, whilst fabulous machines (no kidding, I have an old 385ED, 600X and a modern T440P) they are most definitely not gaming machines. They were sold as business machines first and foremost, to running Windows (or sometimes OS/2 LOL) and had windows-compatible sound hardware. I …

Mad experiments with NT4

All tests are being done on a Thinkpad 760-ED with parts from an XL and EL. The Specs are Pentium 166MHZ MMX CPU 64MB EDO 16GB CF as primary storage. 8x CDROM 1.44MB 3.5 External Floppy Drive My first experiment is one I've done many times before, though this time it required more due to OnTrack. #1 …

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