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Re: Do you even need a vintage machine?

in Milliways
I think it the other way round - my old hardware needs those great old games. Even back then, for most people , a 386 was probably just a curious crossing between typewriter and a TV (+ maybe a calculator). Only when all of a sudden that Lucas Arts logo would fly in with full fanfare, you knew that …

Re: CARDINAL -286 Build

Yes, Im using partitions 2GB or less in Dos 6.22. Also what I think are good quality ("industrial") branded cards. But why would I get such an eratic behaviour? The Motherboard, the XTIDE card or the CF card? What is the most likely source of the problem (remind you a small 128MB card works without …

Re: CARDINAL -286 Build

Ok - Im now confronted with a new set of problems. My HDD solution for the machine is a monotech XTIDE card. (XT-IDE Deluxe) So far this card has worked flawlessly at an 8Bit ISA slot with an (older) very small 128MB CF Card. However, my actual idea is to eventually use a biger drive. However all …

Re: What game are you playing now?

in Milliways
G: "Stan, why are you in prison? S: “marketing-related crimes”  G: "what have you done?" S: " Dont know, I was offering absolutely nothing... ...at least nothing fungible...

Re: CARDINAL -286 Build

Ok - Im getting very close - but I got yet another question. As mentioned before there is no documentation available for this board. My case has a Turbo switch, turbo LED, Power (?) LED, Keylock and a reset button and - most importantly - a good PC speaker. Reset is the only labeled header on the …

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