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Re: Munt vs FluidSynth with MT-32 soundfont

Thanks for the answer:) This part I understand: "A soundfont is an approximation" This one not really: " -- and can't reproduce an MT-32 anyway, since the MT-32 instruments are programmable." - AFAIK folks do use FluidSynth in DOSBox (ECE, maybe) to emulate SC-55 or later models. Am I wrong?

Munt vs FluidSynth with MT-32 soundfont

I am quite on the beginner side of MIDI and MIDI emulation. Please help me clarify: From what I understand FluidSynth (or Timidity++) can be and is used to emulate eg. SC-55. One can get MT-32 sounfont(s). Munt emulates only MT-32. What is the purpose using both FluidSynth and Munt? Thank you for …

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