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Re: SBEMU: Sound Blaster emulation on AC97

Do you have a little guide for freedos? At startup it gives me the message "jload: versions of Jemm and Jload don't match" The versions from Freedos are older and do not work with sbemu. So use the files (jload, jemm) from the zip file. You have to change the path in the config.sys and autoexec.bat …

Commander Keen 4 1.4 half screen rendering on Windows98

in Windows
Hi, first of all the game works correctly if I launch it from "pure" dos (i.e. if I boot Windows 98 in DOS mode) If instead I launch it from windows I get what you see in the picture, i.e. the game is rendered on the left side of the screen and on the right side the left side is repeated but in a …

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