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Re: HP T5720 and Sound Blaster Live!

in Marvin \ Sound
McCarthy wrote on Today, 07:54: Good morning all, Doom for example plays for a while and then crashes with gameticks < realticks??? (something like that). Like this? This is mentioned on Doom benchmark, do you have a full game running?

Re: Windows 95 Gaming?

Greatly appreciate the info. It seems, according to the links you sent, the M598LR is the one to actually support my AMD K6-2 350, while the M590 doesnt have it in the support list. When I got the boards, they both had an AMD K6-2 in them, so im assuming some info is wrong. For sound, I intended on …

Re: replacement fan for a Ti 4600

in Marvin \ Video
I personally prefer silence over appearance, so I use Thermaltake 1919 Giant III with one (biggest, not "blower") fan on 5V https://www.techpowerup.com/review/thermaltake-giant-3/, but for a more original look I also stock Thermaltake G4 https://www.newegg.com/2-tone-thermaltake-g4-vga-coolmod/p/ …

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