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Re: SOFTMPU hung?

in SoftMPU
EDIT: I used setmul to fix this issue. Looks like it is just speed related. I just swapped my SB32 for a AZT2320 in a Celeron 800 system, then I had the same hang/freeze problem when running SoftMPU. I then tried setmul L1D (disable L1 and L2 cache for this CPU) and SoftMPU runs normally. When I …

AM486DX5 from ebay

So I bought the cheapest AM486 DX5 133 from ebay, and it arrived... At first I thought what the heck is this, they sent the wrong chip! But the markings really say am486dx5-133v16bhc , it is the embedded version LOL What can I do with this? I don't know if I can install this in a socket 3 …

Re: The Quest for Pixel Perfect DOS Emulation

in PC Emulation
Very interesting. I don't have a graphics card with VGA or DVI-A(nalogue) in my modern PC and if I find some space for my CRT, I would connect it to my retro rig :) I have been tinkering with a VGA-HDMI adapter https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61ft1dP1VQL._AC_SY450_.jpg but a lot of …

Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

My AMD 386 DX 40 build, almost complete. Board with surface mounted AMD 386DX-40 arrived from Ukraine 🇺🇦 this morning! Rest of specs: Installed 8MB Ram -70 Cirrus Logic 5428 1MB ISA Video Creative Labs CT1740 Soundblaster Card 1GB CF-Card for HD 1.44 Floppy GoTek Emulator Drive 52x LG CD-ROM 300w …

Re: Retro confessions. What are yours?

in Milliways
Besides that....my only REAL confession would be that i spend WAY more time tinkering, building and troubleshooting with my retro machines that I ever have playing games. TBH that is true with my modern machine as well. I've got fairly capable retro and modern gaming rigs that will likely never be …

Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

Hello all. I thought i'd share some images of my retro rig. It's a Dell OptiPlex GX1, P3 450. On board is a 4 Mb Ati Rage pro, and a Crystal 4236b soundchip which both do quite well for early win98 and MsDos games. I have added a Voodoo 2 and a Gravis ultrasound clone, (Which i only use in …

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