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Re: Orpheus II soundcard thread

This card sounds like the most amazing piece of new-old tech I've seen in a long time. There is one person in the world making new Nixie Tubes. There are people making new Gravis Ultrasound and MIDI cards. We can attach a solid-state storage device to a 30-year-old PC with a variety of new hardware …

Re: CD-player for DOS using sound card DAC

Whoa, that's cool stuff. So I was able to read (at 3-4x speed, average) the CD audio from my drive, and subsequently play it back with the GUS Extreme-suppled 'playfile' tool. Sounds great - basically no noise compared to running via CD-audio input. This on a 386 DX-40. Now I'm not a C coder, but at …

Re: CD-player for DOS using sound card DAC

Mpxplay for DOS uses digital audio extraction exclusively for playing CD audio. https://mpxplay.sourceforge.net/ Press Alt + F1 to select your CD drive. Then you can play the tracks as 'cdw' files: I've never been able to make mpxplay work - maybe it's my hardware. Should I expect it to run on, say …

CD-player for DOS using sound card DAC

Hi! Like others, I'm looking for a good CD player for DOS, but I have a special "request": It sould not be playing the CD audio using the drive's own playback functions, but rather read the digital audio data and pass it to the sound card as raw digital data. Reason? All my CD-ROM/RW/whatever drives …

Re: Orpheus II soundcard thread

The one thing that would take this completely over-the-top would be if it had an ethernet chip too. Not quite sure where the RJ45 would fit on the back, but that would really make those low-profile desktop machines useful..

Re: SB compatibility daughterboard for GUS Classic

I am now in the process of moving to Norway and my workspace is completely gone until move completes in a month or two. I got a whole lot more sorting and packing to do... Ah, welcome! :) Whereabouts will you be located? Happy to invite to a retro-beer once you're settled. As far as SB …

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