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Re: Revisiting PC-DOS 7.1.

Setting up PC-DOS 7.1 on a FAT32/LBA drive can be much easier than I originally thought. Just that the FDISK32 command may not be easy to use, since it's not interactive like the ones from FreeDOS or MS-DOS, so you must manually specify what you want to do as arguments. The ability to align …

Re: Revisiting PC-DOS 7.1.

I have PC-DOS 7.1 (base PC-DOS 2000 + IBM ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit updates) installed on one of my PCs. However the boot drive for the OS is a FAT16 2GB CompactFlash card and I use the FAT32 functionality to access a second 80GB HDD. I had PC-DOS 2000 already installed on the 2GB CF card. It …

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