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Re: Yet another 286 build.

Anyway back to the job in hand, mostly been playing with software and playing around on how I want the hard drive partitions set up on the 286. However, also installed the extra 1mb RAM on the video card and again it did not recognise it, so installed the capacitors next to the banks, and passed …

Re: Pc printers get worse and worse

in Milliways
the problem with laser printers and fine dust is one thing, the other thing about laser printers would be the creation of ozone due to the HV being generated. The fine dust can lead to something similar to Coal workers' pneumoconiosis. Though you would likely have to open the toner and snort a line, …

Re: Reasons to hate modern games

in Milliways
So what is a great reason to hate modern games? Mix races within games? Or black people also being pirates which they actually still can be even in modern times? Care to elaborate? :P Holy projection, batman! Wow. Way to jump to conclusions! I was showing the horrible art style and janky animations …

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