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Re: Sound Blaster PCI CT4810 & Windows 3.11

You can try dedicated driver for SBPCI128 from here: http://turkeys4me.byethost4.com/programs/?i=2 - 1st link There is also official driver for Ensoniq AudioPCI (1370 chipset) from gateway http://web.archive.org/web/20160723111444if_/http://www.mpcdrivers.com/sylvia/Support/gateway/7501748.exe …

Sound Blaster PCI CT4810 & Windows 3.11

Hi, I am currently trying to get sound to work in Windows 3.11 I already got it working under MS-DOS 6.11: Sound Blaster PCI 128 Initialization Driver, Ver 5.23 Copyright(c) 1998-1999, Creative Labs., All Rights Reserved fname: C:\DOS\SB\SBPCI.INI SB PCI @ Port 6100, IRQ 10 Output Mode is Analog …

Re: Windows 3.11 on new hardware

in DOS
Windows 3.11 (not for Workgroups) and running in standard mode solved everything. Thanks! Is there a way to make this permanent? Or do I need to remain using win /S

Windows 3.11 on new hardware

in DOS
Hi, hope this is the right section, So I am building a modern PC that can handle Windows 10 as well as MS-DOS 6.22. Pinnacle of the experiment would be to get Windows 3.x working. Currently DOS SHELL works pretty well, and I can do everything I want to with it, but I've been itching for that Windows …

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