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Re: New forum idea......

in Milliways
To the user,is surely a good idea,because it matches the classification with the goal. I don´t know if it creates a problem to the devlopment/work,because when the problem is puting graphics in a game,the expert must studie graphics things,not games (I think). Best regards,

Re: Dual Booting WinXP and Win98SE ?

Thank you very much,Glidos. Two points,please,both about 5) of your post: Must I change,after the word partition,"(1)" to,let us say,"(0->1)",or just to " 0->1"?; And,that shall be done with,or without,the WinXP CD in the drive? Best regards,

Re: Helpful Websites Links

in Milliways
Well,when the DOS -Win history began,my daughters were schoolchildren. About me...I am,nevertheless,a litlle younger than computers (the first one,obviously). Best regards,

Re: Harekiet's new avatar

in Milliways
I noticed your old posts have the new avatars. (May be some day I will write about the mind readers,foretellers,time lords -and more- Lords of Kobol. Best regards,

Re: The hatred of DosBox

Gentlemen,I think you touched one important point and you are righter than,perhaps,you thought. Everybody,but the experts,know nothing of computers .I´m one of them,I just know I know nothing may be because I was no longer young when computers became a common thing.I am toutching in computers the …

Re: Help :(

I had read the manual and the post I was replying to (did you?). Minimax had written: Z:>mount C "C:\DOSBox stuff\EcoQuest" Z:>mount D "C:\Downloads" (assuming that C:\Downloads is where you have your downloads) Z:> D D:> install I noticed the D "C mount ended in Downloads and not in EcoQuest,hence …

Re: HunterZ Talks Hardware

in Milliways
Mister:that is not boring,is dishearting,if this mess happen to a expert,what can happen to me? And about having no life,maybe you should wait forty years for that happen. Best regards,

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