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Re: Help to solve a problem windows 10

Good on you! That still proves my point. Cheers, Yup, it does. I have one of those pesky e-Books from Hyundai that only had 32GB of solid-state drive and ran into a problem where it no longer had enough disk space to update Win 10. Luckily it had a small hatch on the bottom where I could slap in a …

Re: Help to solve a problem windows 10

Good luck if you fill the drive. Not sure how Win 10 will act when the partition is 100% full and there's no room for the OS to do what it needs. Back years ago I was in a training class at work. Microsoft came in and did a class on Win2K Server and all the Active Directory changes. They claimed …

Re: Different Versions of Ensoniq AudioPCI

Merry early Christmas courtesy Computer Reset in Dallas. I picked up an Ensoniq ES1370 based PCI sound card and it came with v2.0 of the driver CD. I found this thread looking around for info on the card and thought I'd share the freshly uploaded .iso image of the software/driver CD that came with …

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