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Re: DOS C interface to asm function?

Really, you should check with docs for the actual compiler you will be using, since there are no "standard C libraries" outside of the context of specific compiler's environment. Bitsavers has manuals (user and reference guides) for many tools from Borland for sure.

Re: DOS C interface to asm function?

You can write programs with whatever conventions available from your compiler, but you must stick to the original conventions used in the libraries you're trying to replace. And fastcall was not standardized anyway. It can differ across the compilers, so there's no point in using it in public APIs. …

Re: SMARTDRV and controller with cache.

Cache controller accelerates disk operations with hdd plate(s). .. While SMARTDRV (or other cache-utilities) accelerates file-system operations. Unrelated but very similar example - the 286 CPU has 6-byte FIFO for instruction bytes, same as the earlier 8086. But it also has a FIFO for 3 decoded …

Re: Retro Software Development?

Somehow this example list is all about products, mostly completed or aimed to alter/adjust already existing, mixing hardware production and software announcements. It's not the retro software development talks. What if I want to develop a new game, or game engine for DOS, but looking from the …

Re: Trident tvga9000 -1 rom?

Dumped the Bios from my TVGA9000i-2, not sure if that -1/-2 revision is critical, the version name is the same D4.01E as from file from VGA museum. Filename Trident 9000i-2 Ver. D4.01E.bin.zip File size 20.18 KiB Downloads 4 downloads Filename Trident 9000i-2.jpg File size 1.15 MiB Views 174 views

Re: Trident tvga9000 -1 rom?

I keep getting an device id error. Im not sure what to select in the software. As there is no TMS option. You can uncheck the "Check ID" checkbox in the Options group (bottom left part of the Xgpro app) and retry, reading should work the same for any pin-compatible EPROMs, any 27256 chip will do …

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