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Re: Starting Windows XP build

in Windows
Well if you've got enough money to spend, find an i7-4790K, a GeForce GTX TITAN Z, and a combination of motherboard / PSU / case that can accommodate those together. If you are on budget then any Core i Sandy / Ivy / Haswell, a GTX 700 series, and 4GB RAM will do fine. After all WinXP only supports …

Re: The moment you were hooked

in Milliways
gaffa2002 wrote on 2022-06-26, 23:40: One time I saw some error trying to run a DOS program which said it required 550kb of conventional memory. As I had no idea what that meant, I deleted the Windows folder in order to try freeing some memory. Of course it went badly… No offense, but how old were …

Re: Deus Ex - crash on save?

in Windows
I swap from using my IDE CF Card game drive, copied the game to C:\ which is Adaptec SCSI, still the game locks on save, so it isn't a dodgy CF card... I had a similar "crash on save" problem on Warcraft II using a CF card as the main drive. Solved by keeping the mouse stationary during saving. …

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