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Re: HELP! - GeForce FX5600 in win98se

Joseph_Joestar wrote on 2022-08-14, 15:53: However, the black screen issue with Thief 2 is unacceptable to me since it's one of my favorite games. Therefore, I will stick to the slightly slower but known good 45.23 driver. Same here. No driver newer than 45.23 should be used in Windows 98.

Re: How much is worth?

I refurbish my machines to the best of my abilities. This takes a lot of time + resources. I love it when I get super-low balled with the explanation that "this rig is worth $200 to me" - great! I'm 1) not in any hurry to sell it 2) have sold machines internationally for industrial uses (the most …

Re: How much is worth?

If you want cheap parts you have to browse local ebay clones in EU countries. They don't come in English version though. Another alternative to allegro.pl is https://aukro.cz/historicke-pocitace?sort=endingTime:ASC&endingBeforeRel=120h Sometimes sellers refuse to ship the item abroad. You may be …

Re: How much is worth?

Do not confuse part list price and the price customer is willing to pay. People put up parts for sale for crazy price, but unless there is a buyer it isn't the real price. This can be very misleading when there are very few sellers as they can just keep pushing the price up. Ultimately it is the …

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