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Re: Glide patch

Isn't it possible that gulikozas glide patches are getting applied to the official dosbox sources? A dosbox that can execute glide titles would benefit everybody (maybe with some kBs lost) and this fragmentation into glide compiles and non-glide compiles seems unnceessary.

Re: Glide patch

Well. I am not that often in these forums anymore 😒 Is there a chance for this patch to be included in the official dosbox? If not, why not? Maybe with a wrapper included (psvoodoo should be open source)? Or is this a thing for the future?

Re: Dosbox 0.7 is out!

I don't know about the other frontends out there, but I hope to release DBGL 0.55 really soon which will (at least) add support for joystick wrapping. Everything else is already working in the most recent build. Since joystick options were moved from the bios section to a new joystick section, I …

Re: psVoodoo - New pixel shader based glide wrapper

Hmm. Browsing the sourceforge CVS it seems that development of psVoodoo has started again. Thanks to GliDos that this wrapper is still being developed. Probably the last chance to get a wrapper with a compatibility next to 100 %. :thumbs up: EDIT: BTW, is this the right place to discuss this wrapper …

Re: Wing Commander: Privateer (Remake)

ANd finally a version 1.2 is there! From there forum: The Privateer Remake team is pleased to announce the release of the Privateer Remake 1.2. We have adopted the versioning scheme of the Linux kernel: odd releases are more for experimentation and are less stable, while even releases are better …

Re: Timer Bugfixes for Sierra Adventures

in Deep Thought
Hmm. As I get it, the experimental 0.6.1 version has support for SCI 1 games included (Larry 1 VGA, Space quest 1 VGA + 4, Kings Quest 5). It works partially, but with many known glitches (sound problems, crashes, ... see http://freesci.linuxgames.com/sci1_version.html ). The stable branch can only …

Re: STB 12 MB Voodoo 2 slower than my old ATI Xpert 98?

in PC Emulation
I would try the 3D Control Centre trick from above. Just that your monitor is plugged into the voodoo doesn't mean that the voodoo is rendering the game. It could be the SiS as well. YOu would see game graphics rendered by the SIS the same way as 2D graphics (which are always drawn by the SIS).

Re: Zeckensack's Glide Wrapper

Hi Zeckensack. What is the current progress with the wrapper? We didn't hear anything for a month or so ;) BTW, I once mailed you about not being able to install pandemonium 2 anymore. I was able to work around that by editing some of the small files without a file extension (they are in plain ascii …

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