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Re: MS-DOS 5.0 and DEFRAG

^Double Space is an option. Did that with my 4, 77 MHz XT, performance was okay. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XxOtHodSBU That XT also had an MFM/RLL drive with a lousy 20 MB drive, which was too little for that contemporary software, even. A bit Quick Basic here, a bit Turbo Pascal here, some …

Re: MS-DOS 5.0 and DEFRAG

Thanks for all the advice, I'll just go with Norton Utilities v6.0 I think, as that seems to be contemporary with MS-DOS 5.0 and also happens to be what I remember using with my 486 at the time.. And it also seems to support 8086/88 as well :) Great choice. I use an older version as it's a lot …

Re: Best PCI sound card for t5710?

Also have a T5710 but don't have the issues you mention. But anyways you can't go wrong with the usual recommendations like these 2: Advance Logic ALS4000 (PCI) ESS ES1938S Solo-1 (PCI) Have them both and they work great. Don't have a preference so would buy the cheapest one you can find. Looked …

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