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Re: This Sound card work well in ms-dos games ?

As said an ISA sound card is better for DOS, but in my opinion the Sound Blaster Live! is actually pretty good in DOS. I found it to be more compatible than I thought it would be considering its reputation around here. The TSR requires EMS memory so it's not compatible with any game that conflicts …

Re: Voodoo 1 Cooling

I use a front case fan that blows onto the Voodoo and other cards, then I installed an expansion slot cover next to the Voodoo that has a ventilation hole in it. There's now a nice path for the air to flow that cools the Voodoo.

Re: New Rage XL PCI that can't boot

Maybe it's just broken? One of the cost-reduced ATI Rage XL PCI's I purchased had a tiny bit of physical damage that severed one of the connections to the BIOS chip. Like yours it would get hot but not display anything. I managed to fix the severed connection with a bit of solder.

Re: What Voodoo graphic to buy?

I'm pretty sure they can do 800x600 in most games where as a regular V1 could not outside of some very specific examples that didn't use Z-buffer or whatever its called. Although I'm not sure how well the performance would be. The V1 is a tad bit slow as is. MechWarrior 2 is a 3dfx game that …

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