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Re: Celeron 300A

366 @ 550 was another popular option I’ve never forgotten the ZDTV (later TechTV, G4) screensavers series related to this one. I believe over the course of a few episodes, Leo was building a dual Celeron 366 with the intention to overclock each to 550Mhz. He would say it’s a PC that “goes to 11”. …

Re: Made a small DOS/Win98SE console from an Itona VXL thinclient with joystick port, and very happy with it :)

What are the specs for sound and graphics? Usually C3 are bundled with Via 686A plus S3 Unichrome. You might just want to get used to that controller. In my testing the best feeling gameport controller was the gameport version of the sidewinder. Unfortunately it has a compatibility issue with …

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