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Re: make the case for owning a vintage computer

in Milliways
Case: You want something to tinker with/a project or are curious in how it actually felt to use -insert vintage computer here-. If you just wanna play games and give zero thought about the hardware, probably just stick to emulation or sourceports. Not everyone will notice or care about the slight …

Just how bad is the 5:4 stretch with DOS Games

How bad is the 5:4 stretch of DOS games compared to a proper image on a CRT/4:3 monitor? I haven't had a proper CRT in a long time and have been using a NEC 4:3 19' monitor as my main retro display. Iv been told 5:4 is actually quiet ugly but it doesn't look too bad to my eyes. Anyone have any good …

Re: What's the most recent dumb tech mistake you've made?

in Milliways
Putting a waterblock onto a rather expensive GPU. Realizing you don't have enough thermal pads and then loosing some of the important screws for the stock heatsink so your stuck with a PCB until pads arrive. Yeahh....we don't talk about that. Well i mean, i do. Out of shame. Thankfully the card …

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