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Re: Old GOG games are slowly getting killed

in Windows
Juste here to say i agree with the original message. I thought Gog will keep games as they were released but i saw different version deleted, you can't find basic iso without anything. it's a real problem. Wost when they replace by a "remaster"... A good example with baldur's gate , improvement are …

QEMU on Windows - Windows 98 - CPU too quick ?

Hi, I work on projects with qemu on windows, i don't know why but on some games like fallout or commando i have a problem on cinematics. On fallout music seems normal but i have a freeze every n seconds. I well identified on commando, before the freeze sound is too quick. I tried to use grab, vm is …

QEMU-3DFX fullscreen for glide mode

Hi, i would to contact robertmo but sadly i'm too new here to do dit. I know there is problem with this project, and i understand it, but it's hard to have answers with this project. I've almost finished my tutorial for my native language, but after have tried something new that i didn't before i …

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