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New WIndows 98 SE / XP Build

Hi all I'm currently getting some parts together to build a new retro gaming PC: So far I have: PC Chips M810L Motherboard AMD Thunderbird 1ghz (Socket 462) 3dfx Velocity 100 Dell 15" 4:3 Monitor (VGA Output) What memory size is recommended for the system board 256mb / 512mb? PC100-PC133? What size …

OPLV3LPT and windows

Hi Thinking about getting an OPLV3LPT for my HP TT5530 thin client running windows 98. If I'm running windows do I have to unplug the phono jack to the speakers back into the motherboard phono Then when running dos plug into the OPL or does it have a passthrough so I don't have to unplug the jack …

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