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Re: Windows 3.11 Ultimate Build

I did, 20+ years ago. I'm just using PCem because it's so much easier then having to have several pc cases... which i do. but they are all in a storage room quite a bit away from my apartment. So. I do have a 486DX4-120MHz in working order, except the com port. i also have two pentium 200 pc's, and …

Re: Windows 3.11 Ultimate Build

@vkcpolic You are doing something wrong. it works fine. I wrote the order to go by when you install windows 3.11, never fails for me. But other then that. mp5.2 is not really useful. It can't play wav, mid or mpg files. only asf, asx, nsc and netstreams. which... there arn't many of. win31mp52beta. …

Re: Windows 3.11 Ultimate Build

ive never really had any issues changing drivers of updating graphics cards or sound cards. the only main issue i have with win 3.11 is that either media player 5.2 or its installed video for windows corrupts a lot of windows 3.11 dll files and the only way to fix it is to format. i dont know if …

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