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Re: Best Modern Build/variation of DOSBox for games?

Well I couldn’t find a working svn build. I played with iOS OC staging, ece and dosbos-x. For now I have settled on dosbo-x because of the nice user interface and comprehensive cga modes… again I know nothing but so far it’s working for me. I’d love to get more feedback on these builds and their …

Best Modern Build/variation of DOSBox for games?

I'm sure this has come up before, but the latest build of DOSBox on the official page is from 2019... over 3 years ago. Is there a fork of DOSBox or nightly build that I should be using to get the best possible DOS gaming experience? I as thinking of trying DOSBox-x, but i dont really need to …

Re: What vintage CPU socket saw the biggest increase in CPU horsepower from release to retirement?

It's all relative and proportional to the platform. In my opinion Socket 7 was the most significant... personally I have an Asus T2P4 v2.1 that went from Pentium 75/90 all the way up to at least K62-400 (maybe further--I only went to 400 BITD). And certainly other socket 7 systems can go to faster …

Re: Video Card for Socket 7 PCI Build?

I think thats what I will go with... either the original Mystique or the Mystique 220. Hopefully at least one still works. I thought I had a Riva 128 PCI, but it's agp like most of my stash. You know I used to turn my nose up ap any of the S3 stuff back in the day, but now I wish i had some.

Video Card for Socket 7 PCI Build?

I have a few few PCI video cards to choose from for my Socket 7 build: Matrox Millenium / Matrox Millenium 220 Mach64 Mach64-VT ATI Rage II Rendition Verite 1000 I want to play DOS games in addition to Windows 98... which card of these will do the best job? I also plan to use it with a Voodoo 1, …

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