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What is PCI-X?

So, as the title says, what is PCI-X? I cant seem to find much info about what it is, or what kind of cards are commonly used with it. This question came up when I was casually scrolling ebay, and found a Dell Precision 490 that has two of these PCI-X expansion slots. Thanks for the info.

Re: Win98SE CD-RW utilities?

Personally I don't trust SP3. I would have just installed Windows, Nero and tested. but lets see how this goes its went south a few times. Resulted in reinstall. What ive found, is after installing SP3, run the windows setup again, and it seems to fix itself. Not a complete reformat and reinstall, …

Re: Win98SE CD-RW utilities?

I've heard of people reading while taking a dump. Writing is a new one for me. ;) Joking aside, if Windows keeps crashing while using the drive to write, there may be something wrong with the hardware or software side. Are you overclocking and are chipset and/or IDE controller drivers installed ? …

Re: Win98SE CD-RW utilities?

I remember using Adaptec Eeasy CD Creator and B's Recorder Gold. I don't remember the multi-session capabilities now. I tried ImageBurn and that seemed to work fine, except for windows itself crashing around it while writing the disk lol. Wrote the disk successfully tho, despite the os taking a …

Re: Win98SE CD-RW utilities?

I'd try a clean install of windows. If Nero shipped with the drive then Nero would have also included an required drivers. What is the spec of the PC. Back in the day coasters were quite common. I'd put the burner on Secondary Master, have nothing running an leave the PC alone, anything to avoid a …

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