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Re: What game are you playing now?

Finished Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition , after who knows how many attempts of playing all the way through it and being a pain in my ass for 20+ years Baldur's Gate is finally done and beaten! And what an ending it had, straight to credits immediately after the main antagonist bit the dust. No end …

Re: Ultimate Windows XP Build (Intel i7-3770k / GTX 980Ti / 24" Asus ProArt display / X-Fi Titanium)

Nice I've upgraded my xp build with x-fi titanium and silent frozr msi gtx 970 from my daily use build as I've upgraded to silent Asus 3060ti tuf. It's not had much use but hasa large hard drive with a tonne of good games of olde courtesy of mercs123 :) I may install xp on an iMac 2011 27" that I …

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