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Re: 3 (+3 more) retro battle stations

Here you are... :) https://i.imgur.com/yCebChh.jpg Hey barry07. I think there is some misunderstanding. I only have 2 versions of Abit's PCI/IDE Socket 3 motherboard. Never heard of PM4. Can you post a photo of it ? Linked the the Abit PB4 jumper settings in my previous post. All versions before …

Re: 3 (+3 more) retro battle stations

Yes I mean jumper settings :) First you wrote, that your Abit PM4 done 200MHz on it…. Also have Abit PM4, but not PB4. Problem is, that I can’t find jumper settings for Am5x86 on this motherboard :( @barry07 Do you mean the jumper settings of the Abit PB4 motherboard or the datasheet of the chipset …

Re: 3 (+3 more) retro battle stations

Do you have pinout of that Abit PM4? Have same board, but It can do only DX4-120MHz….😒 @novanick Not a problem. I am chasing top performers and this motherboard was not there but still very nice package. Well integrated and everything. Let us know if you succeed to fix the one you got. Btw, …

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