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Re: Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach Error

I seem to be running into the 002 and 003 errors now. I attempted to download the Caribfix patch while reinstalling both games to have a clean slate, but still no luck. Sorry to switch gears to the now previously reported problem, I’m not sure what I’m doing differently that others seem to have …

Re: Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach Error

I apologize for “necro posting”. It appears I’ve figured out my problem, which stems from mounting a C drive through Dosbox that contained the folder created for installation of Duke3d ie: I did “mount c c:\games\duke3d”. This, when I installed both Duke Atomic and Duke Carib they were being …

Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach Error

Hey there! New to Vogons and am having an issue running Duke Caribbean on Dosbox, though my problem doesn’t appear elsewhere. I’ve installed Duke Atomic and Caribbean both through Dosbox, and when I try and run Gamer.exe I get an error message reading “error 001: gamer.ini not properly formatted for …

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