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Re: Help please. Win98SE Radeon 8500

Basically anything from like 96 until 2003 *should* run OK It's just tracking them down (and for a reasonable price) which is kind of hard Depending on what games you play you can find something like an ATI 9600 or nVidia fx 5500, or something along those lines.

Re: Help please. Win98SE Radeon 8500

Here's what I'd do that instance: - Try the card in another machine and see what it does - Try another card in that machine This way you can rule out if its the card itself or the motherboard doing weird things. It's also worth cleaning the contacts on the card with some isopropyl alcohol

Re: Win98 + PCI SoundBlasters = Bad luck

I burned the setup iso to disc and the installer wouldn't detect the card. I did some reading online and mine might be a 'Dell variant' and not a 'true' Audigy 2 ZS. I explored the driver CD and found a file VXD.cab which I extracted then forced windows to use that driver. I also found the utility …

Win98 + PCI SoundBlasters = Bad luck (FIXED)

Not having much luck with a few sound cards. My P3 build (440bx) normally has an ISA SB32 which is fine but I recently upgraded to the Audigy 2 ZS as I don't use this machine for DOS games, and I wanted to put the SB32 in another machine. I installed the drivers from the CD but now a lot of games …

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