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Re: Help: Keyboard input problem?

First, make sure that your backslash key works normally in your OS. Open a notepad or equivalent and see if you can type that character normally. If so, go to DOXbox and press ctrl+f1 to open the mapper and click on the backslash key displayed in. See if it's mapped to the right key.

Re: Android - Questions about sound

Concat,I have used DOSBox Turbo before, though that was ages ago (2012) and I don't know what state it is in nowadays. However, to answer you, the port address and IRQ can be the same for both music and sound. A game like Doom, if using something like a Sound Blaster, could use it for both music and …

Re: D-Fend Reloaded (DOSBox frontend)

Not sure if this is already covered...but this is a 29 page thread already. When filling in Program Information, is it possible to allow the use of the TAB button to go to the next field? So, after I typed or selected the Genre, that I can TAB down to the next field...and so on. Another, perhaps a …

Re: Metal Mutant - problem with starting

I've found a way to fix the sound problem in the game, as well as the hang bug. You need the french version exe, as mentioned earlier, and put it with the underdogs version. This will get you a running english version. Now, to fix the sound. What I did is start the game with 30.000 cycles. As the …

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