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Installing Voodoo 2 drivers

When I try to install the drivers for the 3dfx Voodoo 2 on my VM, Windows 98 says that it already has the correct drivers installed. I had the Voodoo 2 enabled when I installed Win98SE so is this true?

86box mouse sensitivity

In 86box, he "mouse sensitivity" setting under tools>preferences don't seem to to adjust the mouse input speed at all. This makes playing games like "Abuse" really difficult because the game has no mouse sensitivity settings of it's own so aiming the cursor is almost impossible. Does anyone have a …

Still Having Audio Issues.

Even after searching the "Issues" section of the DOSBox-X GitHub page, I still can't seem to figure out how to fix the audio emulation, Especially when running Windows 98. I'll include a MP3 file attachment in this post to demonstrate what I am dealing with.

Fixing Audio Issues in DOSBox-X

Does anyone know how I can resolve issues with the audio in DOSBox-X, i.e. crackling and popping when sounds are playing? I've tried everything from cycles settings to the mixer blocksize and prebuffer but I cant seem to get rid of it completely. I also have a very powerful PC so I know that it …

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