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Re: ATi RagePro OpenGL files

Theres some videos on youtube of a rage pro on the latest driver running glquake demos with no glitches. https://youtu.be/Rs672EI7qPU?feature=shared There's also some gameplay footage on the same channel. Maybe change the gl_triplebuffer setting?

Re: How to install and run vanilla Half-Life 2 without Steam

in Milliways
So I followed the instructions in the first post using my 2004 eur retail disc, but it turns out the gcf files are encrypted on this version. I had to use GCFExplorer instead to unpack the gcf files, each one requires entering the correct "Half-Life 2 GCF encryption key" before unpacking. Then as …

Re: Voodoo Banshee vs. ATi Rage Pro Turbo AGP

I would say not a Rage Pro, for sure. Unless you have some specific curiosity for that card. I was stuck with a Rage Pro in 98 and it wasn't much fun. More recently I did get it to do a decent job with Unreal and Quake II, after a bit of fiddling. But in 98 I would have been very keen for a Banshee …

Re: ATi RagePro OpenGL files

Thanks for checking, I did see that page and tried to set those options in a few different ways but nothing worked. Decided to play that game on a different card with working mipmapping instead. Back to OpenGL, in GlQuake you can specify the command line option "-nomtex" to disable multitexturing. …

Re: Voodoo 1 with "TMU PowerOn Sense: 0xdead", "Board 0: Bogus number of TMUs (57005)!" & "ERROR: b_sum=0x060 r_sum=0x0

Great you got it working, I had one of these and also had problems with it overheating and causing all sorts of errors. All the problems went away with heatsinks across the two chips and a fan on top, and so I pushed my luck with a 57mhz overclock and it was still rock solid. No glue was necessary …

Re: Windows 98 DirectX Framerate Limiter

in Windows
I tried dxfpscap with Shadows of the Empire and it works, also tried it with the D3D version of Sega Rally Championship and it works there as well. I had less success however with a couple of newer games, for example Wipeout 2097, the game just errors and says it cant find ddraw.

Re: ATi RagePro OpenGL files

Thanks for the help, got it working, first needed to reinstall windows - I think a previous install of Thief II's dodgy video codecs was causing issues with RTCW's intro video. Windows reinstall cleared that all out. Then had to remove OpenGLv3.dll and OpenGLv5.dll from the game's gl folder to get …

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