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Re: Post your 386 Speedsys results here

CPU: Cx486DLC-40GP FPU: ULSI 83C87-40 DX/DLC Motherboard: FIC 386-VC-H Chipset: VIA VT82C495+VT82C481 Cache: 256KB 15ns, 15ns Tag, 15ns Alert BIOS: AMI 1.04 Memory: 16MB, 4x 4MB, 60ns Video: CL-GD5422 1MB Filename speedsys.jpg File size 509.21 KiB Views 95 views Filename ctcm-1.jpg File size 424.39 …

Re: HDD won't boot on 486

If you have an ISA network card installed, you can install the XTIDE Universal BIOS ROM chip on it, or make a standalone ISA 8bit mini card for it, except for the disadvantage that it will occupy an ISA slot, it is perfect. I made a standalone card with a 64GB HDD on the 386 and 486, Everything was …

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