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Re: Help my floppies have Virus.Boot.NYB

in Milliways
at the boot sector level (even though I read floppies don't have a MBR but a sector zero) is there a reason or two why F-Prot cant detect and clean all virus's at the same time? MBR and "boot sector" are two different concepts. MBR is the first sector of your hard drive. Floppies don't have an MBR. …

Re: DOS anti-virus recommendation

Will modern antivirus software be able to detect old DOS era viruses? Yes! I downloaded an archive of live DOS viruses and Windows Defender went ape when I ran a manual scan. I don't know if it caught most or all, this was a huge library of them, but it certainly was aware of DOS viruses and wasn't …

Re: Boot diskette for Windows 95

in DOS
1.44MB Floppy image of Win95A and Win95B bootdisks respectively. then use Rawrite32 (https://www.netbsd.org/~martin/download/rawri … exe- to write the image to a floppy disk.


in DOS
could it be a faulty CF card, or did you even try to boot it to DOS only?

Re: DOS anti-virus recommendation

hi you can use VCheck, it's a DOS AV I created back in 1999, this last version was an unreleased beta in 2005. it can handle most of the common file and boot sector viruses. it runs on 286 up machine though...copy and run in the hdd or floppy no need to boot from clean disk as it can disable the …

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