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Re: smallest computer that can run windows XP with supported hardware (especially video card?)

In general, Dell 3/7/9 series means consumer/business/pro, 3 is rather cut down (and has evil digital video connector vs serious business digital video connectors), 7 vs 9 is a smaller difference IMO not worth paying more for - not that, at least here, there's a significant difference nor that the …

Re: Usb as a floppy

I guess it's theoretically possible to spoof a disk as int13 device 0 at the high level (some rather modern motherboards with AMI EFI allegedly have this feature, like my Gigabyte C847N), but here are some alternatives that are here and available now :) - bootable CD (El Torito is by far the most …

Re: How to install MSDOS 6.22 without disks?

I did a 6.22 + 3.1 bootable CD (using the dos 7.1 boot disk you can make from win98 add/remove programs lol) back in 2006 - and failed because the DOS installer insists on swapping disks (it checks the label, and you can't easily hotswap the virtual El Torito floppy anyway*), but then I realized …

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