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Re: Nostalgia for old Graphics Programs?

Fascinating to learn about all these apps! I remember Corel Draw being on school computers, and often getting old versions free on magazine cover discs, but never really being able to get my head around the node drawing tools at the time! But somehow that rainbow hot air balloon always appealed to …

Nostalgia for old Graphics Programs?

As well as games, there are some graphics programs I remember nostalgically from school and childhood. LGR's videos on MS Paint and the Print Shop Pro banner printing etc hit hard! And for some reason the Win3.1 version of MS Word with the fountain pen splash screen always lodges in my memory. I've …

Re: Recommended boot manager for quad boot from single drive (DOS / Win 95 / Win 98SE / Win XP)

plop boot manager It has a windows, dos, and linux utility to install/reinstall it and manage it while booted into an operating system just in case one of them decides to trash the MBR. I use plop on a retro laptop with a hdd that is very difficult to remove and also does not support booting to …

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