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Re: ESS Solo 1 different versions

You're right, I totally missed that. Whoops. To save you the trouble of rotating those photos, they're H808, K390 and K350 revisions. The K revisions might be worse unless paired with an EEPROM? Probably a good idea to re-skim this thread.

Re: ESS Solo 1 different versions

Uh. Yeah those look to be technically identical. If you want black connectors, and the silkscreen to say "1.1" go with A; B and C for colors and "1.10" silkscreen, or in other words - get whichever's cheapest. Or you could wait a bit for another model to show up, one with a wavetable header (even if …

Re: Is it possible to copy the Warcraft 2 CD?

in DOS
Should be fine since it's a backup of an original disc for personal use. No copy protection afaik (and even if there was, the programs you're using would certainly be capable of dealing with one that old). Does the original disc still work? Maybe it's started to rot (both of my copies certainly have …

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