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Re: DOSBox-X branch

Ok, I think I have given 86BOX a fair try... apologies to the devs, but it just isn't for me. It is absolutely DROWNING in roms that a lay person wouldn't know to pick from. I kept trying to find a BIOS that would let me install DOS 7.1 CDU on an 8GB drive, but they ALL kept giving me the "not …

Re: DOSBox-X branch

I have a question about swapping big, 8gig VHDs between DOSBOX-X and PCEM. Unless I'm missing something, I see that PCEM has a max limit of 16 heads, so an 8gig hd has 16302 cylinders - whereas in DOSBOX-X the standard VHD will have 255 heads and 1023 cylinders which will get it rejected outright by …

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