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Re: Sound Canvas VA VSTi - No Longer Available in 32bit

in Marvin \ Sound
What for you need SCVA x64 latest versions ? I don't need the 64bit version. I would prefer the 32bit version. However, people who want to use FSMP presets to switch between VST plugins will NOT be able to. They'll need 32bit FSMP for 32bit VST's (like the SYXG50) and 64bit FSMP for SCVA unless you …

Re: Sound Canvas VA VSTi - No Longer Available in 32bit

in Marvin \ Sound
I was able to confirm today via an email exchange from Roland support. This is what they had to say: Sorry, the Roland Cloud lifetime key covers only the Roland Cloud version of Sound Canvas. [...] All of the Roland Cloud plug-ins are 64-bit, and we don't offer 32-bit versions. The most recent 32- …

Sound Canvas VA VSTi - No Longer Available in 32bit

in Marvin \ Sound
I'm actually hoping this isn't true, as it would be bad news for anyone looking to use legitimate Sound Canvas emulation alongside other 32bit VSTi's (e.g. Yamaha SYGX50) in a switchable mode using something like Savihost or FalcoSoft's FSMP. However, going to the old software page at Roland, I was …


in Marvin \ Sound
Has anyone attempted patching any of the LucasArts games using ADPATCH? I'm wondering, because along with the Sierra/SCI games, many of these games were squarely in the 286 era. The 386 requirement of ADLIPT misses the mark for 286's that would otherwise benefit greatly from the OPL2LPT.

Re: Are GeForce 256 DDR cards that rare?

in Marvin \ Video
Apparently since I posted about the Creative GeForce 256 SDR and it got bought out within a few hours, I'm assuming some lurkers are reading this thread and searching for the card. So here's a brand new GeForce 256 DDR (Asus V6800 Deluxe). Too much money for me, but maybe someone reading it will …

Re: Roland CM-500 Demos

in Marvin \ Sound
A CM-500 is certainly a somewhat prized and rare sound module. You could absolutely fetch a decent price for selling it. However, hopefully playing with DOSBox has rekindled something that you haven't quite experienced since you were a kid. The joy of these older games and being able to relive them …

Re: -5v on modern PSU

It's trivial to add a -5V line to an ATX PSU. Just wire in a 7905, powered from the -12V rail. Can be done internal or external to the PSU. Trivial is in the eye of the beholder. For an EE or an electronics hobbyist, sure. But let's not assume everyone putting together a retro PC has the knowledge …

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