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Re: Radeon 9700 Pro on the way out?

Radeon 9800 Pro is just as busted, unless it has Hynix memory. I have a 9800 Pro Sapphire Atlantis 256MB with Samsung memory and passive heatsink from a dude who played it until the cap on the mainboard bursted. Idle at 52 and full load at 62-64. I also have 9800XXL which basically an underclock XT …

Re: Radeon 9700 Pro on the way out?

Yup it is memory issue. That's why you always see less and less Radeon 9700 pro now, they are all dead or half dead. For this reason I bought the 9800 Pro and not the OEM one, they will live longer and sometimes are cheaper than 9700. Heck, even most of the 9800 Pro 128 bit would be alive by now.

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