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Re: MFC250.dll error

in Windows
Since you got it working this may be of no use, but someone else may need it. The copy of Scanbin I grabbed from the author's site seems to be corrupted. I found it on https://www.sac.sk/files.php?d=17&l=S and that one works.

Re: NTVDM on "new" PC

in DOS
xcomcmdr wrote on 2020-05-22, 13:09: The best NTVDM is WineVDM. I agree if what you are trying to run is a Win16 app/game and it is getting better, too. If it is a DOS game then DOSBox is the obvious best solution.

Re: NTVDM on "new" PC

in DOS
Is there a reason that you do not want to use DOSBox? NTVDM is horrible and with no sound emulation. DOSBox is simple and easy to use and is far more compatible than NTVDM, tat is unless you are glutton for punishment as DosFreak said.

Re: Winevdm

Just tried some Win16 SCI games. They are mostly working, but KQ6 Win does not properly display the cursor, but otherwise seems to run OK. Shivers runs, but MMG Deluxe errors out.

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