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Re: Modified BIOSes for ASUS P3B-F, P3V4X, P3V133, CUBX, CUBX-E/L and P3C-E

I’m getting a boot hang all of a sudden with post code 61h. Searching online says it’s a reserved code. 4.51 bios says “set boot speed”? I don’t understand why I’m all of a sudden getting this issue when the only thing I changed was putting one of the side panels on the machine. :( this is on a p3b …

Re: Sound Blaster CT3900 on a ASUS P/I-P55TP4XE motherboard only works on irq 2?

I haven’t tried without the promise card, but it uses different irq’s (I’m using an ssd drive so need TRIM). What’s weird is that I could have sworn that this setup worked fine when I had it on the bench. I ordered a proper rtc replacement, perhaps that will fix it. Could be that this board doesn’t …

Re: Clang/LLVM port for dos 32bit?

in Milliways
Hey, thanks for the link. Basically I was hoping to find a clang/llvm replacement for Watcom. As much as I love Watcom, it’s missing a lot of modern comforts (auto, constexpr, lambdas, stuff like that). I’m actually a little bit surprised that there isn’t a fork out there that adds DOS 32bit support …

FIC 486-VIP-IO2 Problem with PS/2 mouse port. Measuring only 10 ohm of resistance between the data pin and power

Hi folks, I'm trying to get the PS/2 port of a FIC 486-VIP-IO2 motherboard working. I started off with updating the BIOS to the latest version, confirming in MODBIN that PS/2 support was enabled and when that didn't work, I installed an external keyboard controller chip (it was using an internal …

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