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Re: Create a USB 2.0 update for windows 95

in Windows
As a layman, why can't a USB2 driver be built to interface with the existing USB1 support on the kernel end? Ie, can't USB2 simply be treated like a fast USB1 port? What don't I understand here? This might surprise you but USB2.0 is a very different beast under the hood than basic USB 1.1, Im sure …

Re: Create a USB 2.0 update for windows 95

in Windows
I have seen some of the code GPT4 produces and while at first glance it looks like it should work it fails totally once you actually sit there and read it in depth. GPT can only work with the data it has been given and it wont have the in depth knowledge and understanding to be able to make …

Re: Formatting DVD-ram into FAT16 2Gb?

in DOS
Doesnt DvD firmware on the drive determine what limits are set for media ? As in it cant read disc outside the limits the firmware supports, I seem to remember that was the case with CD drives where the Discs had to be setup according to supported limits or the drive couldn't read the Disc. I …

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