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Re: Retro OSes for retro computers

lEEt/OS + ST-DOS "lEEt/OS is a graphical shell and partially posix-compliant multitasking operating environment that runs on top of a DOS kernel... lEEt/OS also has its own DOS kernel, but it is still very experimental and unstable. For any real use it is recommended to use lEEt/OS on top of the …

Re: I need some help for 6-wires PS/2 connector to restore old HP keyboard model C3758A from Vectra PC

I totally forgot to update this topic with the results from restoration. I've connected five internal plug wires (out of six) to PS/2 male connector and now the keyboard is fully working. My last suggestion for the wires was correct. Once again already tested and working connections by color: 1 - …

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