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Re: Problems with a YMF754 inside a Sony PCG-C1VE

Try any drivers from archive, maybe at least one work with your laptop: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Hcm5R0TB1ikzegcwE4PJrUfCiKQVpHge/view?usp=sharing Before change any parameters, try to just start for Dos with existed to initialize card: setup.exe /s if it's not work, than change parameters. …

Re: Windows 95 vs Windows 98

in PC Emulation
For Pentium laptops, I prefer to only use Windows 98 because it supports usb and is more versatile in case I want to switch the hard drive from an old laptop to a new one and vice versa. For 486 and lower Win 3.11 is fine enough.

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