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Re: Problems with a YMF754 inside a Sony PCG-C1VE

Try any drivers from archive, maybe at least one work with your laptop: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Hcm5R0TB1ikzegcwE4PJrUfCiKQVpHge/view?usp=sharing Before change any parameters, try to just start for Dos with existed to initialize card: setup.exe /s if it's not work, than change parameters. …

Re: Windows 95 vs Windows 98

in PC Emulation
For Pentium laptops, I prefer to only use Windows 98 because it supports usb and is more versatile in case I want to switch the hard drive from an old laptop to a new one and vice versa. For 486 and lower Win 3.11 is fine enough.

Re: Need help with new FastDoom changes!

Sound source not working, I hear it's trying to initialize on startup, but light on device stay off and Doom hang with weird sound from PC speaker on first key press in menu and crash. With Prince of Persia red light on device on after game start and works fine on LPT1.

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