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Re: SBVGM (DOS) VGM Player

Thank you. I'm pretty sure I'm on the same page now. I'm getting back into this after years and while I built my own PC's in the past, that was a while ago. I've been reading on different websites about this and this has been the most straightforward description. Appreciate the help and patience …

Re: SBVGM (DOS) VGM Player

I see, mostly, except I don't get any sound from them using -sbc. At best it appears to run, but no sound comes out, most of the time (or garbage once on that particular VGZ that locked the SB16 into a hanging note) - I've actually let it run tho no sound is coming out and the file ends in the time …

Re: SBVGM (DOS) VGM Player

Sure, be happy to, and sorry I've been slow responding, I'm quite ill this week. No rush here as its a hobby thing, I am sure I'm just doing something wrong, but I am learning a lot too thanks! Defcrown.vgz is one that 'plays' - leaving a hanging note I have to boot the machine to fix - on the 486 …

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