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SC8850 one easy mod, bring back the magic of sound

EDIT by Dominus: DO NOT BYPASS OR DISABLE A FUSE! THIS IS NOT SAFE! FUSES ARE THERE TO SAFE YOUR LIFE! The SC8850 sounds flat, bland and boring, lacks musicality, when compared to the SC88PRO and SC8820 I changed the power cord to Cablecreation before , the sound improved a lot, but it's still not …

Re: New sound card project: AWE64 Legacy

So you are destroying existing AWE64 cards to build your custom ones? Not sure about others, but in my opinion, it's completely pointless to destroy real retro hardware for a modern replacement. If they end up with a superior result, where is the great harm in the effort? It's not like they are …

Yamaha TG300 is a HIDDEN GEM (videos)

It has the characteristics of the golden age of the late 1980s. Most(75%) of the sounds of TG300 are on another level, not even JV1010 can compare My SC8850/MU90/MU1000 are collecting dust now... I just uploaded some japanese game bgm played by TG300, have a listen: https://www.youtube.com/playlist? …

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