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Re: Do you even need a vintage machine?

in Milliways
Problem I have is all my hardware is old but what I want to play is older and the emulators for my windows era games are quite demanding for my hardware. I’ve committed to some desktops to tinker with but I’ve nowhere to put them to come and go at them but both hardware and emulators require a …

Re: Daggerfall in pure dos

Have you tried the non steam , GoG version And do you want to play the game or get it working on win98se As dosbox will let you throttle the speed in increments until you’re satisfied with the game speed I still have the original disc but can’t remember if it’s the dos version or the tweaked win95 …


Has anyone tinkered much with the newly available Retroarch iOS I’ve been playing with some of the basic stuff it came with and added some nes,snes,Psx, gba and n64 games but can’t figure out how to add additional bios cores. Would like to add dosbox pure and Xbox

Re: Is it really my nostalgia or are you playing it wrong…

in Milliways
Many games I used to play I got thru sharing , demos and the crappy multipacks that had one decent title in it or wait 6 months after release to buy it cheaper as I couldn’t afford new games and downloading wasn’t an option either lol Many games had been played to death and many got thrown to the …

Re: Question about XP Pc

in Windows
@cosmic wouldn’t 64bit hardware cause compatibility issues and wouldn’t it butcher your cpu as well? I tried using a laptop with 32bit vista on it and it still had massive issues with pre xp games so how can it be usable? Thought for it to work you would still need a 32bit capable cpu. I’m a novice …

Re: Question about XP Pc

in Windows
Watch out for the dell’s and hp’s a lot of these are work or generic home computers and many are 64 bit. And you will have a nightmare with obtaining cards to fit in them. Research the cpu and motherboard before bidding I’m currently working on 2 of them The first one I’ve got xp / win98 working but …

Re: PCem

in Milliways
I’ve got a old i5 win7 laptop from 2010 Win95 pentium 90 works alright for most that I’m playing. Win98 pentium 2 233 windows is ok but any remotely demanding games kills performance Have yet to experience what it’s like with a modern computer I’ve opted for getting a 32bit desktop which is …

Re: new laptop hard drive

in Milliways
I don’t see a big deal with using hdd I’ve got a dell inspiron win7 from 2010. Ssd and extra ram can help speed things up. you’re not intending to use it for any high end stuff anyway and either hdd or ssd are cheap enough a fresh install can help clear out clutter. A image of your hdd or a spare …

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